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We produce and supply the finest Agitated thin film evaporators at gold refining plants, which are often used for liquids that are tough to manage due to increased sensibility and thickness. An evaporator like this has two main parts, a jacketed shell and a rotor that spins at a high speed within the shell. The feed is inserted into the top-mounted mechanism. The heated zone has a short residence duration, estimated in seconds to minutes. Due to the rotor's turbulence, the heat transfer coefficients are quite high. When choosing gold refining plants, our customers will benefit from advantages like plug flow with little back-mixing.The fluid film is removed from the walls by a rotor enclosed inside the heating shell. As a result, this evaporator is also known as a Wiped Film Evaporator. At high rates of evaporation, the rotor also helps stabilize the liquid film on the heated surface. This allows for evaporation in the nucleate boiling region without causing the film to break apart. It also prevents the formation of an insulating mist layer underneath the liquid sheet. Agitated thin film evaporators' functioning principle allows organizations in achieving extraordinarily high specific evaporation rates. An entrainment separator cleans the vapours produced while air - conditioning flow at the same time.Turbulence aids in efficient heat transmission and mechanically assures that the whole mass is subjected to the process, resulting in excellent yields. Thin film evaporators prevent product deposition. The unit's intensive mixing technique manufactured at gold refining plants also protects temperature-sensitive items from refining plantsis one of the few companies that our clientele has constantly demanded. Our core values are dedication to our job and client satisfaction, so we have no intention of compromising on either. We're professionals at what we do, and over the past 20 years, we've had the honour of having some of the best engineers in the business on board, elevating gold refining plants to new heights.

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