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Volatile oil, or fly oil, is another name for essential oil. Essential oil is a liquid chemical derived by steam distillation from plant components such as roots, barks, stems, leaves, fruits, seeds, or flowers. When the distilled oil is expected to run out and is no longer economically viable/efficient, the distillation process is normally terminated. Furthermore, most sandalwood oil distillation is done at vapour pressure. High-pressured distillation can also be used to increase oil production while also shortening the distillation process. This is due to the fact that high pressure can enhance the distillation temperature. However, the increase in temperature can result in the decomposition of oil components; this produces less oil fragnant. As a result, a new "green approach" for extracting essential oil with low/no energy and little solvent should be proposed. The mass transfer process in the dissolving phase is directly influenced by the mixing procedure.

sandalwood oil plant


This results in a better balance of liquid and steam phases in the extraction of sandalwood oil obtained by the gold refining plants plant, which is faster than that obtained by the plant. Furthermore, the air movement is thought to aid in the transport of critical oil components that are difficult to distribute in the cell membrane or plant tissue. This is due to the fact that sandalwood oil is a heavy oil with various components that are difficult to extract without the aid of air flow. When compared to the extraction by plant made at gold refining plants, the extraction of sandalwood oil by plant manufactured is faster and generates a larger yield and recovery accumulation. The addition of air flow to the plant's approach can boost the yield and accumulation of the sandalwood oil obtained. The more the air movement, the higher the output and build-up of sandalwood oil will be.

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