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The essential oil derived from the petals of several species of roses is known as rose oil (rose essence). Rose oil is produced by steam distillation, whereas rose absolutes are made through solvent extraction, with the absolute being more widely employed in fragrance. The rose oil plant at gold refining plants goes through a solvent extraction process, in which the flowers are agitated in a vat with a solvent like hexane, which takes out the scent components as well as other soluble chemicals like wax and pigments. The extract is vacuum processed, which eliminates the solvent and allows it to be reused. A concrete is the waxy substance that remains. After that, the concrete is combined with alcohol, which dissolves the aromatic elements while leaving the wax and other materials intact. The alcohol is evaporated at low pressure, leaving the final absolute behind. Any contaminants left behind following the solvent extraction can be removed by further processing the absolute.

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There are no crystals in rose absolute, which is a deep reddish-brown colour. gold refining plants is one of India's largest rose distillers, and we use modern distillation equipment consisting of a circular kettle and a receiver that also serves as a condenser. Copper is used to make them. The receiver and the kettle are linked with bamboo, which allows the steam from the kettle to reach the receiver. The most modern technique of distillation used at gold refining plantsis the boiler-operated unit, which is appropriate for large-scale oil production. Flowers are charged in the distillation unit, and the distillate is fed to another still via a cohobating column after passing via a receiver to guarantee total oil recovery. A portion of the oil is also taken from the first receiver, with the remainder coming from the second.The absolute may be more authentic to the aroma of a fresh rose than the otto because of the low temperatures used in the procedure.

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