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K-Jhil Scientific Pvt. Ltd wants to keep up with technology and innovation, and in this day and age, everything that is innovative becomes a trend. Green consumerism is a new trend in modern culture that stresses less reliance on synthetic substances in food, flavour, and scent. Because of the wide range of structural variety, effectiveness as phytomedicines, and use as intermediary molecules in drug manufacturing, phytochemicals are being used more often in medicine. Essential oil is a blend of many bioactive components and is one of the most significant phytochemicals. Lemon-scented essential oil is abundant in lemon-grass. It is a perennial plant with long, thin leaves that is often cultivated for medicinal purposes. In a steam distillation pilot plant, essential oil was extracted utilising water as a solvent in the form of steam. The oil separator was made of transparent glass, while the oil extractor and condenser were made of grade stainless steel.

A stainless-steel weir mesh separates the boiler part from the oil extraction chamber at the bottom. For the extraction of essential oil from lemon grass, every component of the steam distillation pilot plant is linked together. Time spent putting lemon grass into the oil extractor, induction time, actual extraction time, and time spent off-loading the wasted lemon grass make up the total extraction time each batch. For all five batches, the steam required increases as the extraction time increases. When the extraction period is increased, the output of lemon grass oil increases until it reaches around 30 minutes before falling. Specific gravity, iodine value, cetane number, and saponification value were the physical and chemical parameters of the extracted lemon grass oil. Lemon grass oil plant has use in soap, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

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