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Jasmine Oil Plant - Essential Oil Extraction Unit

Essential oil has a wide range of pharmacological properties as a traditional medicinal plant and precious natural spice. Hydro distillation is a sophisticated process for extracting essential oils from plants because of its capacity to keep the original quality of plants, as we at K-Jhil Scientific Pvt. Ltd always strive to progress with technology and innovation. The essential oil is collected, dried, and kept in the jar when the distillation process is done. To determine the ideal quantity of hydrophilic antioxidants, lipophilic antioxidants, and fragrance compounds, a thorough analysis of extraction temperature and duration, parameter size, solvent composition, and solvent-to-material ratio was conducted. Distillation yield is lowest at a ratio of 1:1. The yield of the distillation process has achieved its maximum at a ratio of 2:1. All other extraction parameters remained unchanged. Because water vapour absorbs into the epidermis, it includes essential oils that break down the oil sacs and draw the oil through steam.

Adhesives won't melt with less water, and essential oils won't escape. The more water used for distillation, the greater the oil's ability to diffuse into the water. The best solvent-to-material ratio is found to be 2:1. The jasmine oil plant produced at K-Jhil Scientific Pvt. Ltd is of the highest quality. Because it is frequently used in cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors, we ensure that the quality control department is present throughout the process to ensure that quality standards are not compromised. Our quality control team, which has been with K-Jhil Scientific Pvt. Ltd for over two decades, has examined and authorised all of the oil plants.

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