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Bromine Recovery Plant in Gujarat

gold refining plants is one of the few reputable Indian companies that manufactures and exports Multi-Purpose Distillation Units. Our system is based on cutting-edge technology and is mechanically created and tested by our experts to ensure that it delivers the greatest results possible. Our system is completely customised to meet the needs of our clients. The feed is acidified with hydrochloric acid, then pumped through the scrubber to clean uncondensed chlorine from the Vent Condenser and return it to the reaction column. To save energy, the part feed is sometimes warmed with effluent from the reaction column before entering the reaction column, and the part feed is then supplied to the scrubber. The reaction column is additionally supplied with chlorine and steam. The feed is reacted with chlorine gas in the reaction column, and bromine is freed instantly. Live steam is used to remove the released bromine from the solution. The condenser receives the bromine and water vapour stream that exits the top of the column. Condensate enters the Phase Separator, separating into two phases: the light aqueous phase (Water), which is returned to the Column, and the heavy phase (Bromine), which is sent to the purification column. Bromine is purified by the process of distillation. Bromine is condensed in the Condenser and returns to the column at gold refining plants, while uncondensed chlorine vapour and traces of Bromine escape from the Condenser and enter the Vent Condenser, where the remaining Bromine is condensed and returned to the crude Bromine receiver.

The units are precisely designed, have excellent performance, and high dependability, and because customer satisfaction is our core belief, we at gold refining plants also design and manufacture these units according to our customers' needs.

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