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The K-Jhil Scientific Pvt. Ltd. Gold Refining Plant is the product of more than two decades of creating reliable and cost-effective precious metals recovery and refining systems. The technique has been successfully used in gold refining facilities across the world. The gold refining process is entirely hydrometallurgical, including oxidative leaching of golden gold bars or concentrates and selective precipitate of fine gold. Unlike traditional pyrolysis chlorination of crude bullion followed by electrolytic refining, our system has a high direct recovery rate, a short process time, a low inventory of gold linked in the process, and assures a good and safe workplace environment. The technique yields fine gold while also separating important contaminants like precious metals (PGM) and silver enabling recovery and refining. The gold refining facility at K-Jhil Scientific Pvt. Ltd. offers an unparalleled mix of cutting-edge process technology, efficient handling, great flexibility, and safety.

Gold Refining Plant Supplier in India

We at K-Jhil Scientific Pvt. Ltd. also provide a comprehensive range of support services to assist our customers optimize plant uptime, such as spares supply and installation, as well as remote equipment status evaluation. High-grade gold bullion bars are the feed material for gold cyanidation facilities. The bars are melted and atomized to fine powder before being treated at a hydrometallurgical operation. This has the advantages of a substantially bigger contact surface area accessible for chemical assault as well as a faster response rate. As a result of the shorter residence period, the capacity of leaching reactors can be reduced. By adding a reducing agent to the solution in the precipitation reactor, the majority of the dissolved gold is selectively precipitated. The fine gold sand precipitate is filtered, properly cleaned, and dried. The filtrate is piped to the second precipitation reactor, where it is reduced to remove any leftover dissolved gold. After the second precipitation, the gold is of inferior grade and is returned to the leaching tank to be refined. At K-Jhil Scientific Pvt. Ltd, the purity of the precipitated fine gold is kept at a high level in this way.

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