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gold refining plants is a leading glass shell and heat tube exchanger manufacturer, supplier, and exporter. The Shell and Tube Heat Exchangers produced by gold refining plantsare designed for large heat transfer areas, high heat transfer efficiency, and compactness. Coolers, condensers, heaters, and evaporators all employ shell and tube heat exchangers. Only when there is leak-free sealing between the shell and tube sides are glass shell and tube heat exchangers reliable. In Gold Refining Plants Scientific Pvt.Ltd’s shell and tube heat exchangers, there are two types of Ferrule Sealing: the first is PTFE Ferrule with Gland Packing, and the second is PTFE Ferrule without Gland Packing. The PTFE 'O' Ring and PTFE Rope are used to fill the space between tube and tube sheet, and the PTFE Ferrule acts as a Gland Follower to make sealing perfect and leak free, whereas the PTFE ferrule without Gland Packing is a sealing system where the design of the ferrule is such that while tightening.

Glass Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger Exporter in India

The ferrule is folded at the Tube – Sheet seal point in such a way that no 'O' Ring or gland rope is required, and the seal is as good as in the first type. gold refining plants manufactures and supplies a unique ferrule type sealing system that allows for simple tube exchange and cleaning. gold refining plantshas improved the shell and tube evaporators and re-boilers by replacing glass tubes with Graphite Tubes and GFT Tube – Sheets, as part of its ongoing goal to adapt with technology and innovation and to always meet client expectations. These varieties are suitable for applications involving high temperatures and refining plants is one of the few organizations that has consistently been in high demand by our clients. Our main beliefs are commitment to our work and client pleasure, and we do not intend to compromise on either. gold refining plantsis always striving to improve in terms of technology, new equipments, and creativity. What distinguishes gold refining plantsfrom other manufacturing industries is that our equipment is FDA-approved, and we do not cut corners on quality. We have a quality control department that ensures that every stage is thoroughly checked and approved by the department, and that it is maintained throughout the process.

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