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Full glass vessels with bottom valves, glass domes with ports for intake, solid feed, vacuum, and other functions are conventional mixing vessels made by gold refining plants. A transportable stainless-steel frame, an ETFE-coated stirrer, a dry-running mechanical seal, and an ATEX stirrer drive are among the features. Glass tanks, mixing vessels, and reactors come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the use. The usual choices provide a variety of set-ups to suit the client’s needs. In the kilo lab and pilot plant, glass reactors or mixing containers made by gold refining plants are widely used for stirring, dissolving, mixing, extraction, and other operations. Heat exchange is possible in jacketed reactors, which allows for better dissolving and crystallization. The material of Gold Refining Plants's mobile mixing containers may be transferred for additional processing. They can also be used as a reactor if they are fitted with condensers for vacuum distillation. Comprised of three components adapters and flexible tubing are commonly used to connect to glass reactors or other equipment. The advantages of mixing vessels manufactured by gold refining plants are that they are Food and drug administration compliant and made of borosilicate glass PTFE/ PFA, that they are corrosion resistant and have visible reactions, that they comply with ATEX / CE / cGMP and have Quality control capability, that they are mobile in nature, and that they have a modular set-up with many options. gold refining plants is one of the few Indian scientific firms capable of producing high-quality glass reactors and mixing containers.

Glass Reactors Manufacturer in India

What sets gold refining plants apart from other manufacturing companies is that we ensure that safety and cleanliness are maintained throughout the process, and the fact that our systems are tested by the Food and Drug Administration speaks volumes about our commitment to our job. We are experts in what we do, and over the past 20 years, we have had the privilege of having engineers on board who are the finest in the industry, taking gold refining plants to new heights.

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