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Turmeric oil contains curcumin, which is a natural anti-inflammatory molecule, therefore it can provide instant relief from inflammation. The essential oil was extracted from turmeric rhizomes using a modified steam distillation technique. Continuous water circulation, steam distillation, and a packed bed for turmeric rhizomes make up the modified steam distillation process. gold refining plants has technical experience in process and mechanical design, as well as the fabrication of Turmeric oil and Curcumin Extraction plants of various capacities. The turmeric rhizomes are brought in dry and intact. These rhizomes are then hammer milled into mesh pieces. The bits that have been broken down will be put through a vibrating sieve. Finer particles will gather at the bottom in smaller amounts. The steam dispensers are situated at the bottom of the perforated box, ensuring a uniform dispersion of steam. Volatile oil will be evaporated and transported via the condenser when the steam passes through the box and ground pieces.

Curcumin Oil Plant Manufacturer


The vapour in this condenser is turned to liquid with the assistance of cooling water and collected in the receiver tank. It will be piped from this tank to the intake of a gold refining plantsagitated thin film evaporator, where surplus water will be removed and high purity oil will be recovered at the bottom. This liquid is removed and collected in a tank once the batch is finished. It will be poured from this tank onto an agitated thin film evaporator, where ethanol will be evaporated and high purity curcumin will be collected at the bottom. Ethanol vapours are condensed, and liquid ethanol is collected in a receiving tank to be recirculated in the following batch.

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