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Citronella Plant oil extraction

Citronella oil is made by steam distilling Citronella Grass, a kind of green plant. There are two kinds of Ceylonese: Ceylonese and Javaese. Citronella is the name given to the oil because it contains Citral and has a strong odour similar to that of lemon. The age of the plant influences the oil composition and output, with young leaves containing less oil than older leaves. In addition, there is a significant variation in oil output between fresh and dried leaves. The positive ion mode electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry analysis of all extracted oil samples revealed quick mass fingerprints of compounds contained in the samples based on the measured mass of standards. Different techniques, such as fractional distillation, steam distillation, and hydro-distillation, as well as supercritical fluid equipment, have been used to extract oil from citronella. Essential oils are extracted from plant materials using removal procedures tailored to the individual plant portion holding the oils, rather than being synthesised in laboratory.

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Essential oils are the liquids that are extracted from plants when they are exposed to solvents, they are the plants liquefied. The most common method for extracting and isolating essential oils from plants for use in natural goods is steam distillation. This occurs when steam vaporises the volatile chemicals in the plant material, which then condense and accumulate. To separate essential oils from plant material, this process uses food-grade solvents like hexane and ethanol. It's excellent for plant materials that produce little essential oil, are mostly resinous, or are fragile aromatics that can't endure the pressure and strain of steam distillation. This process also provides a finer scent than any other way of distillation. Non-volatile plant material, such as waxes and pigments, are also extracted and occasionally eliminated by additional procedures throughout this process.

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