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We at gold refining plants are leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of all types of distillation plants, In a boiling liquid mixture, a method of separating mixtures based on variations in their volatilities. Because an azeotrope cannot be separated by ordinary distillation, a third component called an entrainer is added to the mixture. This causes one of the liquids in the azeotrope to have a higher volatility than the other, allowing separation to take place. The azeotropic distillation system is a procedure for breaking azeotropes in which another volatile component, known as the entrainer, the solvent, or the mass separating agent, is introduced to generate a new lower-boiling heterogeneous azeotrope. The Azeotrope Distillation unit process at gold refining plantsconsists of two distillation columns: one is an azeotropic column that uses entrainer to dehydrate ethanol solution from the pre-concentration stage, and the other is a stripping column that separates entrainer from the product stream. The ethanol product departs the bottoms of the azeotropic column. The ternary azeotrope, which contains water vapour, entrainer, and tiny quantities of ethanol, exits from the tops and enters a separator called a decanter, where it divides into organic and aqueous phases of ethanol-entrainer streams. The former is refluxed back into the first column, while the latter is stripped for entrainer and ethanol recovery in the stripping column. Benzene is one of the most popular entrainers used in heterogeneous azeotropic distillation to separate the ethanol–water combination. As a manufacturer and supplier of such chemical plants, we at gold refining plants emphasize the health and safety of all workers.

As a result, while dealing with chemicals, factors such as benzene's carcinogenic impact and cyclohexane's flammability must be addressed when selecting entrainers.

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