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Glass Lined Reactors are one of gold refining plants's best selling products. The materials are of the highest quality and come from well-known foundries. Glass lined reactors are employed in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries because they are compatible with a wide range of substances. The reactor is a container with an agitator that allows chemicals to be mixed in a controlled atmosphere. The reactor is controlled and may operate at a variety of temperatures. The chemicals are let into a controlled compartment and agitated by a centrally mounted agitator in a reactor. Baffles are usually incorporated in the vessel to guarantee that there is enough turbulence within to mix / blend the chemicals and enable the reactor. When the right catalysts, chemicals, pressure or temperature conditions, and contact time are present, normal chemical reactions occur. It's possible that the final result will be crystalline or liquid. Spherical or Cylindrical Graduated Feed Vessels for regulated addition of Liquid Reactants are conventional process equipment for assembly over glass coated reactors. The equipment's Vapour Column is either packed or hollow. The glass lined reactor's primary condenser is either a Coil Type Glass Heat Exchanger or a Shell & Tube Type Heat Exchanger. For chilling distillate, the process equipment also contains a Vent or Secondary Condenser and a Product Cooler. For multi-component distillation or azeotropic distillations, phase separators are utilised. Process pipeline design ensures total hydraulic integrity and single point application of vacuum across the whole system, allowing the distillate receivers to operate continuously without breaking vacuum or causing pressure equalisation.

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